The Manolis olive oil is certified to the EU Organic Product Standards by TUV Hellas.

Minoan symbol

The certification of the Manolis olive oil to the EU Organic Product Standards by TUV Hellas, specifies the method by which the olive oil is harvested, transported, pressed and stored and requires that the oil contains only organic ingredients and an acidity of 0,3 – 0.8 %. By holding this bio certifications we guarantee that our organic extra virgin olive oil will meet the expectations from everyone claiming the best. The Minoan symbol is used as a sign of the olive tree that has been giving us the olive oil since the Minoan times in Greece.

Perfect location of the olive grove, in Prodromi near the coastal village Paleochora in Crete

The Klironomakis olive grove at a location 500 metres above sea level from the village of Paleochora.

About us

The Manolis organic extra virgin olive oil comes from the Klironomakis family who carries the tradition of growing and harvesting the finest quality olives for cold pressing, as their family has done for generations.

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The olive grove

The olive grove is perfectly located in Prodromi at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level near the beautiful coastal town of Paleochora in Crete, Greece.

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The olive oil

The olive oil is derived from the first pressing of the olives and is left in its natural unrefined state giving a mild bitter taste with spicy elements.  Timing is essential from harvest to factory.

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During the spring we prepare the land for the growth season. The family dog is always around us:)

We don`t just make premium quality olive oil. We are a part of a long tradition. A cultural mainstay. Olives and olive oil are an important source of income. But they are important for our household too. And they are important for peoples good health.

Manolis Klironomakis. Olive farmer

The Manolis Extra Virgin Olive Oil can also be accompanied by local seasoning salt.


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500 metres above sea level.
Paleochora, Crete
Premium product of Greece

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Please let us know your preferences and make an order. In the village centre of Paleochora you can even buy our products at the ZicZac clothes store.

The Olive Grove is perfectly located near the beautiful coastal town of Paleochora in Crete, Greece.